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10 months ago

What is pep+?

PEP+  is a Personalized Education Program + extracurricular activities for students from K-8th grade that offers an alternative to traditional classroom instruction.  

  • Personalized Educational Program
  • K-8th grade students
  • Alternative to traditional classroom instruction
  • Available online for 6th, 7th and 8th grades using Edgenuity
  • Meets unique individualized educational needs
  • Flexible hours
  • Free high-quality curriculum aligned to CA Common Core State Standards
  • Experienced credentialed teachers


PEP+ K-8 program students are children who meet the following requirements:

  • Desire an alternative to a general education classroom that is unique, individualized, and can accelerate beyond grade level
  • Are self-motivated independent workers, who have parents to help with instruction of daily lessons at home
  • Have transportation to weekly meetings
  • Have proficient computer skills with access to a computer

The PEP+ program requires active parent participation.  Parents will be responsible for the following:

  • Be on time and attend weekly meetings with the student and their learning coach
  • Be the primary teachers at home for all four subject areas: 
    • Language Arts
    •  Math
    •  Social Studies 
    • Science
  • Check completeness of assignments before the meeting date
  • Set up a regular routine of at least 4 hours per day at home to complete assignments
  • Communicate with your child's learning coach on a regular basis through e-mails and phone calls regarding any factors which could influence your child's learning and/or attendance
  • Participate in "open door" time as needed for extra help
  • Participate with your child in extracurricular activities at PEP+ to enhance socialization skills